Sunday, April 2, 2023

Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Well THAT was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons - it had all of the things I would want in a D+D movie. I've read a few things that compare it to Guardians of the Galaxy, and I'd agree - the movie 'felt' like Guardians to me, in the best possible way.

That said, the game designer part of my is always watching with one eye towards 'could my game do this'? And, even more importantly, 'could my game do this well, and do so mechanically within the confines of the game as it is'?

Yep. The thing with Hack'D & Slash'D is that, as the title suggests, its somewhat modular by nature. You can easily create new tags and drop them in. For example, the druid's wild casting is pretty easy to emulate as a tag For example:

Wildshifting. You can use 1 task to assume an animal form, changing forms up to your level times per minute. Your animal forms must be wild creatures (of animal intellect) of your level or lower; you can increase in size to as large as huge, or as small as a fly. You keep your original hits and Mind in the new form, but otherwise assume the abilities of the new creature.

There. That mechanically solves the druid's ability. She'd have to be at least level 4 in Hack'D & Slash'D game terms, but based on the spells they were using, they were all pretty high-level characters. I mean, they were using time stop after all, which is a level 9 spell in D+D. Even the 'inept' sorcerer is using reverse gravity, D+D level 7, so he's pretty far along. If I was to guess at their levels without applying specific game mechanics, I'd put them all in the 3-5 range, with the paladin at maybe 8 or 10... but based on the movie, you have to add 10 levels to those estimates.

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