Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Kurdesh the Crime Lord for Shards of Tomorrow

I decided that my game needed a crime lord a la Jabba... although I ended up thinking of him more like the Thing meets Kingpin. He's more about business than he is about cruelty. I'd think he'd be a good foil for Eno the Prime Director... each of them goes about his business with cold calculation. For Eno, it's what furthers the causes of bots, while for Kurdesh it is about making money. I kind of see him as the ultimate capitalist. He'd be against the entire guild model, because it seeks monopolies, and he would want as much competition as possible, because that's where he can drive up prices on his end. He'd be more involved in bounty hunting, 'security services' (amoral guns for hire that he coordinates), and smuggling operations. He'd also have a heavy presence in gambling and casinoes, but not as much in things like drugs or 'adult services' such as they are. I might even give him an aversion to these - maybe he lost his daughter to that life, and that is where he'd draw the line. He's a criminal with his own moral code such as it is. I think that makes him a little more interesting. It's also more likely that a 'good guy' like Vex Kalar (he of the Centurians of Gal) is going to have to hold his nose and make a deal to work alongside Kurdesh to accomplish some greater good. He gives more story possibilities this way... 

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  1. I think I'm going to re-purpose this design for a character in the supers game instead... hmm... I'm thinking he's a living mountain of some kind. He's like 30' tall in my imagination. Good stuff.