Sunday, April 2, 2023

Yet ANOTHER solo campaign

Because I have issues, I decided to start another solo campaign. My over/under is ten sessions before I burn out. It would be nice to at least get my character legitimately to level 3, but I have no idea whether or not my gamer ADHD will kick in before then. However, after one session (that you can read about here if you have nothing else to do), this is how my solo character looks (and I've decided this is the character on the cover... so he has to fight a medusa and cut her head off at some point):

Madrigal Gardilam - Hopeful gnome explorer 1 (10 xp; 9 gp)

Armor 2; Hits 8; Move 40’; Broadblade 4 + Shield 2 or Sling (1/30’)

Traits: Might 3; Mind 2; Reflex 1

Tags: Mystic (Common, Arcane); Two Weapons; Warrior

Gear: Leather Armor; Shield +1; Broadblade 4; Sling 1; golden compass (9 gp value) 

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