Sunday, April 2, 2023

Hack'D & Slash'D is already growing...

One of the original goals for Hack'D & Slash'D was that it would be infinitely expandable. The core rules are the core rules; I have no intention of changing these (Good Lord willing, and the creek don't rise).

However, I also know that the game will (and want it to) continue to expand. After watching Dungeons and Dragons last night, I realized that there were things that Hack'D & Slash'D couldn't do... yet. Hence, the Hack'D & Slash'D companion is born. This is going to be an ongoing resource of supplemental game material (my own version of Unearthed Arcana 1E) that is not in any way required, but which can expand your game and allow for new options that add to (without replacing) the core rules. I've already added a few new tags and rules for signature spells. These open up spellcasting significantly; I liked spellcasting before, but this really kicks it into overdrive from my point of view. It's easy to create casters who use only the bread and butter spells in the core rules, but now you can personalize casters with one or two unique spells that will change the flavor of encounters with individual casters in significant ways. I'm thinking that this is great for including low-level spells in the game. I didn't want a spell like floating disc or fog to be in the core rules, because they are pretty niche - but if you are the 'fog and cloud' caster, then building some signature spells like fog, choking vapors, and something akin to cloudkill later on gives your character a unique vibe, and can add to the game in cool ways.

I've added a link to the Hack'D & Slash'D Conpanion to the resources page on the left.

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