Sunday, April 9, 2023

Keepin on Delving

I played through one more session with my Delvers of Daggerford, which ended up being a lot less than I thought I'd get in during the week. Vacation is over.


I like the map I drew for level 2, and I like the encounters so far. I like that the D'Ro are evil gnome tinkerers who make all sorts of crazy stuff. It gives me lots of reasons to have lots of weird things here... already there was a field of time stoppage and a broken gate that a bunch of firenewts came through. My group almost died again, but still didn't. I think Cairn is really valuable in that regard... he's hard to kill, so he can usually grind out a victory at the end.

I don't love the monetary treasure rules over time. For a group that is getting well into level 2, they are pretty cash poor. I mean, they have decent gear, but they each only have about 20 gold in treasure, so cannot afford to really upgrade to good gear. I mean, once they start fighting level 4 monsters with some regularity, there is the possibilyt of those haveing upwards of 4 instances of treasure each valued at as much as 48 gold, so it can escalate quickly; one lucky set of rolls with a level 4 monster could net them almost 200 gp. I'll keep that in mind as I go. 

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