Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Abel's Vengeance: Session 5

This session recap is more of a summary, since I jotted quick notes. Grace agreed to play this afternoon! Yay. Abel meets Grace’s character, a notable elfin wizard. They recognize each other immediately, and have a conversation comparing notes. We continued to use the Solitaire Framework to build the temple grounds. I didn’t record all of our rolls and results, but the summary follows:

They investigate the grounds, which are empty.  16 goblins are living within the commune. The commune is 100’ from the stables. The commune building is 35’ wide and 45’ long. Grace uses her fireball on the building, leveling it and killing all but 3 of the goblins. These come running out. Abel runs out to attack them. There is also 1 archer on the wall on guard duty who sounds an alarm and then starts firing arrows at Abel. Grace kills the one on the wall while I run across the yard towards the other three who all miss with arrows. We kill all goblins in 2 rounds and head for the tower.

We determine randomly that the tower is 30’ square and 4 stories tall; each story is going to be a single large chamber.

Story 1: We determine this is a living area that was used by the soldiers who once guarded the keep. There are 4 bandits here who have been sent to collaborate with the leader of this group. They are waiting for orders to take back to the bandit leader. They take arms and attack. We say there is also a 1 in 6 chance at the end of each round that reinforcements from upstairs arrive.

We wipe out the four bandits in 3 rounds, and then the elfin master Theseon comes down the stairs… he’s going to be Renown 2

Theseon the Elder (Dire Frost Elf Sorcerer, Renown 2)

Attack 8 | Defend 10 | Focus 12 | Resolve 7

Wields staff of wounding (+1 damage on Defend of 8 or less) 

Attempts to stun or bolt of frost in alternate rounds


We defeat Theseon in 5 rounds. Grace decides to take him prisoner and take him back to the elves.

Story 2: Library. Another elf is here. He has been sent to go through the scrolls and inventory things (this is part of the payment to the elves) and he surrenders immediately now that Theseon is defeated.

Story 3: Meditation chamber. The big bad is here - it’s a NAGA. Ugh oh. I stat him up quick.

Naga of Darkness (Fabled Mythic Creature) Renown 3

Attack 11 | Defend 11 | Focus 12 | Resolve 10 

Every round it gets both a bite and spell effect

Bite deals 2 damage on Defend of 8 or less; Poison for 1 on a successful bite (failed Defend)

Attacks with stun or impair defense in alternate rounds.

Story 4 is a guard post that is empty. 

Turns out that the forces are snake-worshippers - a bunch of Naga. As Abel journeys further into the lands of Parth Goldu (and he’s going to), I know that Nagas and huge snakes are a big part of what he’s going to fight. Maybe dragons. Okay then. They have humanoid servants, but it’s Nagas at the core of this. My instinct is that they are led by one of the children of the Thirteenth God, the most powerful Naga of all. I’ll get to that eventually…

As is, we recover 600 gold. Grace’s character takes 250 of it and her master Theseon (bound and gagged) back to the elves to face his punishment. He was the ringleader and was trying to sell the elves out for power, so the threat on the elf side is done. Abel also recovers a scroll of fireball and an elixir of invisibility, both of which he keeps. He and the healer have 350 coins between them. Abel stays for 1D6 weeks (I get 1 week is all that is needed) to help clean the temple up. Turns out the great cat was Grace’s character’s mount.

After 1 week, 24 humans who had fled from the temple ten years ago decide to return (having all received dreams that they should come back) and start again; this is their home, and a few of their children are now grown enough to learn to become guards or apprentice priests. Garavin becomes the new high priest of the temple. The morning Abel is set to leave, the vines have full grapes, and 7 sheep have wandered into the yard. Full repairs will take several months, but are well underway already.

Abel keeps only 50 coins, donating the rest to the temple. He earns 5 hero points for this whole session, and is now as follows:

Abel the Notable Human Paladin (Renown 1) Hero Points 17

Attack +3 | Defend +4 | Focus +1 | Resolve 5

57 coins; potion of haste; potion of invisibility; scroll of fireball

Relic: Shield of the Final Templar (+1 Defense and +1 Focus)

On a Defend result of 13+ in combat, Abel can choose to either recover 1 Resolve point or receive advantage on his next Attack. 

However, the temple will never be truly safe while the forces of darkness are so near at hand. Tomorrow, Abel passes into the lands of Parth Goldu...

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