Sunday, March 6, 2022

Revised Cover

Here is a revised cover design for the newly re-named "Resolute" (no subtitle needed). I liked the previous design well enough... but I also knew that I could improve it with a second go round. I feel like this is a superior design pretty much all the way around. 

I spent the morning hammering out a revised draft of the rules, and was able to cut and trim and clean and sharpen, and I got it from 10 to 8 pages, which I am happy about, with a piece of art on almost every page, which I am also happy about. It's a great looking little package. I'll be printing it out later and reading through it again, and I might be able to talk my family into play testing with me a little, but I'm close to the end. I expect it will be up for sale in the next few days...

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