Monday, March 7, 2022

Resolute Magic: Relics

Updated 3/7/22

Ancient items crafted by the elder gods, these have been granted to mortals to aid their heroic efforts. Crafted by the Thirteenth God, cursed items exist to lead to the fall of heroes.

The Axe of Reckoning grants +1 to Attack and always deals a base of 2 damage.
The Boots of Celerity grant permanent haste and +1 to Defend.
The Rimer’s Blade grants +1 to Attack as well as advantage resisting any flame magic or attacking flame-using creatures.

Shield of the Final Templar. Granted to the paladin Abel, this shield grants +1 to Defend and Focus.
The Stalwart’s Shield grants +1 to both Attack and Defend.
The Cursed Blade of Ru Bagan forces disadvantage on Attacks.  
The Cursed Dagger of Twilight grants +2 to Attack, but every time you slay another creature with this weapon, you lose 1 Resolve forever. When you reach Resolve 0 in this way, you become a wraith, a powerful form of undead.

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