Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Resolute Draft Is Done

The Resolute draft is done. It weighs in at just over 5,800 words, fit neatly into ten pages. I have room for maybe three or four pieces of art, so I want to get working on that. The art is going to be in black and white and will be back to the Mignola-inspired approach I had for Saga of the Splintered Realm way back about seven years ago. I won't use any of that game's art, but I might use some of it as inspiration for an update. I have to go back and look at it again.

I am trying to design a game here that is completely hand-wavey without being hand-wavey at all. Every time you make a decision as the player, that becomes part of the fixed narrative for the game. I am trying to go with some of my world building rules (don't make more than you have to - the importance of names) to create evocative people, places, and things without telling you much about them. Yes, the apprentice necromancer you will fight at the end of the starter adventure wants to join the Dark Cabal of Moridis, and that sounds like a big deal. But, I don't tell you anything else about the Dark Cabal of Moridis, other than that is its name, and he wants to join it for some reason. I am trusting the player to figure it out, or to pick up a later PWYW supplement that will eventually include an assault on the stronghold of the Dark Cabal of Moridis. Because that place really needs to be destroyed, don't you think? 

I want to do some more play testing (I mean, I only ran one session so far!) and I am in no big hurry to release this to the wild (it's giving me something to do to tinker with it), but it feels good to have a draft done that I can now start to really tear apart and clean up. In only ten pages, I should be able to make this pretty airtight in terms of design and presentation.


  1. Side note: I HATE page numbers in Microsoft Word. I have spent the last hour trying to get it to number pages 1-10, and have had no success. Page numbering in Word is WHACK.

  2. Dr. D, preach it! Should be a very simple click but it is not simple. Ugghh...