Monday, March 7, 2022

Resolute Foes: Undead

Updated March 7, 2022
Undead do not eat, sleep, or breathe, and cannot be affected by spells that affect the living.
Skull Warden
(Menace 1) Attack 9 | Defend 8 | Focus 7 | Resolve 7
These lesser undead attack with rusted blades and wear crumbling armor. They have no ranged attack. They will immediately flee in bright light (such as from daylight or a light spell).
These skeletal foes are brought to life through the dark magic of necromancy.
Wraith of Misery
(Dire 2) Attack 10 | Defend 10 | Focus 10 | Resolve 10
These undead spirits can move through solid objects. They attack in melee (only) with 2 claws per round. Each round in which you suffer damage from a wraith, check Focus or suffer +1 wound. At Resolve 0, you become a wraith as well. 
Dwelling in the darkest pits, the wraith of misery seeks only to do harm to the living.

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