Monday, March 7, 2022

Resolute Foes: Humanoids and Giants

Updated March 7, 2022
Burrow Goblin          
(Critter) Attack 7 | Defend 8 | Focus 6 | Resolve 1
Goblins attack with a blade (melee) or short bow (to medium range). In bright light (such as from daylight or a light spell), all checks against goblins receive advantage. There is a 2 in 6 chance goblins flee from such light.
3’ tall goblins are a common nuisance in many places.
Frost Giant Jarl
(Fabled 3) Attack 12 | Defend 10 | Focus 9 | Resolve 12
Immunity to Frost; the frost giant’s great axes targets all foes within close range. This attack deals 2 damage; a Defend of 8 or less against a frost giant’s club deals 3 damage. Frost giants can throw stones against foes at long range, dealing 2 damage.
This 20’ giant resembles a Viking warrior of the whitest complexion.
Hobgoblin Mercenary
(Rabble 0) Attack 8 | Defend 8 | Focus 8 | Resolve 3
These ugly humanoids attack with an axe (melee) or longbow (to medium range). If you roll 4 or less on your Attack roll, the hobgoblin attempts a free sneak attack against you; check Defend (CR 8) or suffer 1 damage.
These larger, meaner goblins often lead burrow goblins.
Ogre Brute
(Dire 2) Attack 11 | Defend 8 | Focus 7 | Resolve 10
These huge humanoids attack in melee with great clubs. They have no ranged attack. On a Defense result of 7 or less (or a natural 2), an Ogre’s club deals 2 damage.
This 10’ giant-kin can take a beating!

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