Monday, March 7, 2022

Random Resolute Thoughts

I've posted the core rules for Resolute and announced it to the world. Erm. Kind of. I mean, I shared it on social media. So, that's like the world.

Anyhow, I was trying to figure out why I like this game so much, and actually look forward to playing it. I like my other games; I want to put groups together so I can play, but I don't really have a lot of fun when I'm solo. I know what's going to happen, and it becomes an exercise in rolling dice. Resolute is a fundamentally different experience. 

I think the reason I like it is because I like writing stories and working on theater productions. I like the process of building stories. I like the moments in writing where I make a discovery. I love the moments in rehearsal where one actor changes the intention of a line - she goes from asking the question to using the question to accuse - and suddenly everything changes. We all need to strap in and figure out a new direction. There's this sponteneity of not being sure where we're going or what's going to happen next, but being ready for wherever it goes. You're telling stories in real time.

Resolute is the best I've done so far at creating that energy. It's simple and flexible enough that I can pretty much go anywhere with it, but it's grounded enough that I'm not just out there making up anything. I'm not creating the rules as I go. I have rules I have to abide by, and those rules (I've talked about this before) help me more than limit me. I like having rules in place to provide structure and focus. Resolute, to my mind, does that remarkably well in 8 pages.  

As you can see from the page re-design, I am all-in on Resolute right now. Some day when a bunch of people want to get together and sit around a table, I've got a few great games that I'd love to pull out. Until then, I'll be sitting here by myself with a cup of coffee and a pair of d6's playing Resolute.  

I really hope hundreds of people get this game and play it; I hope that there's this whole community of us that experience this thing. I really think it's a remarkable game.

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