Monday, March 7, 2022

Resolute Game FAQ

Updated 3/7/22

What Is This?

Resolute is a solitaire fantasy RPG. You play on your own 'against' the game, trying to defeat foes and overcome challenges to complete deeds. Over time, you earn Renown, which increases your power and influence. The game has flexible rules and a system to determine any number of possible outcomes, with a GM 'emulator' as part of the basic mechanics. You can purchase a copy here.

Don't You Use Maps?

You are free to use maps; I love maps. I have used maps often. For this game, I have decided to make mapless play the default setting. I can explain to you a deep dungeon, or an overgrown forest, or a mountain pass in a sentence or two, and you'll probably picture it better than my map would make it appear. Since the game uses simplified ranges (close, medium, or far), the need for a tactical map is minimal. Again, if you want to use a map, I'm not stopping you.

Didn't You Already Make a Game Called Resolute?

Yes. I have had several editions of a 2d6 game which I have given different title variations of Resolute. I've gone back to the foundations here (kind of like D+D did with 5E, just calling it "Dungeons and Dragons", even though we all know it's 5th Edition). Other than using 2d6 as the basic mechanic, this game and those versions have very little in common. This is an entirely new approach, and is a solitaire game instead of a traditional 'players and GM' system that other games that shared this title had.

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