Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Resolute: House Rules

Updated 3/9/22

Do you really need house rules for an 8-page game? Shouldn't these have just been on page 9? Why are you asking so many questions? House Rules that I use follow...

Relic Creation. Only the gods can craft relics; although most relics are from the distant past, the gods are re-awakening - and are rewarding their chosen adherents with relics. If you have been particularly focused on doing the will of your god in the world (hey, if you worship the god of slaughter, he loves to see you out there killing things), there is a 1 in 6 chance when you increase in Renown that you are granted a unique relic. You may awaken to find that one of your current items has been supernaturally improved, or you may discover the relic or have someone deliver it to you.

Foes attacking en masse. Creatures of the same type can work together in groups of up to 4; they attack once collectively, receiving a bonus to attack equal to the number of creatures; they can never increase their total rating to better than 12 in this way. If four grey spiders (Attack 6) attack together, they have a single Attack 10; if successful, that Attack still deals only 1 point of damage. In this way, 12 goblins could attack in three groups of 4 each; you attempt 3 Defends against Attack 11 instead of attempting 12 Defends against Attack 7. Each successful Attack would still deal only 1 wound.

Attacking Critters at higher Renown. As you grow in Renown, you may attack an extra number of critters with each Attack equal to your Renown. With Renown +2 (Hero), you can attack 3 critters with each Attack you attempt. A Legendary Hero (+4) who is hasted could slay 10 critters per round (5 with each of 2 Attacks) as they cut a swath of destruction across the battlefield.


  1. I live to house rule... house rules.

    1. That's the best way to do house rules... house rule them. That's what my gradma always used to say.