Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Commission for Skald

Letter of Commission for Skaldaric Silverblade

The Bardic College of Mistledawn

Issued the 33rd day of Spring, 813 A.R.

Please accept this writ as confirmation that Skaldaric Silverblade, third son of Utharan Silverblade of Reverie, has been commissioned by the Bardic College of Mistledawn as an apprentice bard of our order, granting him the authority and status that this title confers. In his studies, he has been remarkable for being unremarkable. His grasp of history, eye for art, ear for song, and gift of oratory can all be described as unmistakenly pedestrian. However, he excels in one characteristic: unrelenting determination. He has made up his mind to be a bard, and he appears unwavering in this course, despite his significant natural deficits. While more gifted storytellers and singers, artisans and cartographers failed to matriculate through our program, 'Skald' (as he goes by) has managed to trudge forward through his rigorous studies. Whether this is a product of the foolish tenacity of his human parentage or the patience of his elfin heritage, or perhaps the stangest alchemy of the two, the effect is the same. He is an apprentice of our order. 

His commission for the next four seasons is to complete a map of the Broken Lands under the jurisdiction of the High Marshal, and deliver this to the Marshal's High Council on or before the first day of Summer of 814. Any aid noble folk may give as appropriate to this station and task would be appreciated by the college. 

Finally, as a form of some recompense, Skald may be able to provide minimal entertainment with his recorder, presuming that the audience is composed of either the hard of hearing or those well into their third mug. In lieu of that, he is capable with a shovel and fork, and has some experience in the cleaning of stables. Take that final recommendation as you will.


Skaldarik Silverblade (‘Skald’), Resolute half-elf bardic student 1

Armor 1; Hits 7; Move 40’; Shortsword 3

Might 2; Mind 2; Reflex 2

Charisma, Mystic (Common, Wild), Thievery

Leather Armor; Shortsword 3; Toolkit

Originally, I had Inspire and Lore in the tag list, but swapped those out for mystic with common and wild for better versatility and survivability. I think he takes healing word as his signature spell, so that he can self heal (and maybe live a little longer). He’s going to have to be someone who thinks first and fights later. He carries a recorder, because I had one in third grade, and that’s just what you do when you’re starting out :). I almost didn't give him charisma, but I think that the force of his personality is not in his natural attractiveness, but in his absolute resolve. He's confident, even when he's not very good at what he is confident in.



  1. By the way, I had a 61 average for the second quarter of English 8, and I'm now a secondary English teacher (currently teaching 8th grade) with a doctorate in education, a bachelor's in theater, dozens of books and comics to my name, and a blog that only a few of you read, but which I keep publishing anyway. Write what you know, I guess. :)

  2. Thought the second: I have spent the last hour reading about and listening to recorders - I'm going to ask for one for Father's Day (even though Mary already asked me never to play it when she's home). It's aligned with my aesthetic - I am enamored of creative work with minimal tools. It's why I love Microsoft Paint so much - how far can I push this limited toolkit to get cool results? Looking forward to playing around on an instrument that costs less than $10 :)... and I think it will make me a better musical theater director, if I'm being honest. Becoming a musician (even on something as humble as a recorder) would really help me with that side of the process.

  3. Have fun with it, I was in a meeting at work and instead of paying attention, wrote this:

    1. I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am that you've set the story in 'my' world (which is ours to share, by the way), and with the quality of your work. I was compelled by your story, was impressed with how well you understand these characters, and am genuinely looking forward to reading more. My thanks. Also, good call. I'm pretty sure the meeting was less valuable than creating this.

    2. Also, I added a link to your story under the fiction section in the Hack'D & Slash'D Resources.

    3. Wow, thank you, it was fun to write.