Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mini-Mod Brainstorming: Tomb of Horror

For my tomb of horrors Mini-Mod, I'm thinking of compressing areas (obviously), and layering several traps/tricks into each encounter area. For example, the 'entry' would have five doors to choose from (I am thinking of counting backwards Sesame Street style.... five doors, four statues, then three gargoyles, then two paths, and then one demi-lich). It would be designed for characters of level 5+ in Hack'D... 

1. Five doors. Pretty easy: one of the doors is the entry (but has a trick to opening it) while the other four are guaranteed death.

2. Four statues. Each statue activates something in the room (mostly traps and magical effects), but you have to trigger one to get into the pit that has a secret door at the bottom into the third area. All have big open mouths you have to interact with. One pit has flames, one has reverse gravity to hit the ceiling with spikes sticking out of it... stuff like that.

3. Three gargoyles (because there was a gargoyle in the original, natch). I'm thinking of some sort of round robin thing, or puzzle where the gargoyles take turns inhabiting the characters, and the characters pop into gargoyle bodies randomly. Or something. They have to kill one gargoyle in particular, but not the other two (damage to 2 and 3 restores 1?)

4. A false tomb with two doorways. They are revealed only when you defeat the false lich and figure out the clue in the bottom of his casket that it's not him. One doorway teleports you to someplace really bad (hades?) and the other leads into the actual tomb (probably just as bad).

5. Real tomb with real demi-lich. As close to the original encounter as possible.


  1. Looking good. I've started on one too https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xmneZ-XhT_5TOBnEgvoqSiPdn1LUEC7I8NJoAQlwHg8/edit?usp=sharing

  2. In Search Of The Unknown had corridors giving loops, chokepoints and dead ends, so I'm trying to replicate that through puzzles and solutions.