Sunday, May 5, 2024

Fanatic Four: An Interlude

This isn't a proper session, since I just worked out the logistics of what transpired during their time in the Bazaar of Untold Lands, but here's the summary...

They did a major gear upgrade. They largely liquidated their starting gear and upgraded across the board in terms of weapons and armor. They should be a little more effective now.

They met Moridis! She approached them, and talked to them about being the newest visitors to her halls. Alari succeeded with a 10 on the mind check for influence. She encouraged them to each take a roll of the Dice of Fate. I decided that Alari would decline: she has faith, is much older (as an elf) and has a more direct purpose. The other three, being vagabonds that the world has already buffeted around, see the opportunity here and would take it. Moridis has a very positive reaction to this (she is impressed by Alari). She decides to bequeath upon her an object: the warlord's ring. It grants +1 edge to melee attacks. She wishes them well against her progeny, and departs.

This makes the team the talk of the Bazaar, and leads to dinner with the Vile Watcher Uthisar, who is trying to gather information on them. I decide it is possible he will send assassins to have them murdered, but he decides against it (the dice told me so), and decides to bide his time and wait. Maybe this group will somehow weaken Moridis, and he is willing to wait and see.

Time to roll... here are the results:

Galazan rolls [11,10]. That's a somewhat mixed result, with largely positive outcomes at a high level. The 11 is a minor setback: in this case, he loses all of his earned experience to this point (reset to the beginning of the current level). However, he will receive double XP from this point forward.

Firik rolls [12/2]. That's a very positive result. He gets a permananent +1 to hits, and he will regenerate 1 hit per round forever. Dang.

Indar rolls [12/12]. No. Frickin'. Way. Okay then. I had already decided that this would be a permanent +1 edge to all checks forevermore.

I seriously had a little personal trepidation about rolling this, because I'm committed to getting this team to at least the dragon's lair in 63 for the iconic cover image... and getting gimped right now would have made that process less fun. Galazan is going to zoom through levels (so he'll be full on Gandalf before long), and the other three all have made significant upgrades to their combat capabilities. 

I am going to update and re-print their character sheets so I have all this information correct, and then I guess I'll get back to delving!

Last thing... they track down the amulet of goblin rulership that Xixal really wanted. It's 100 gp, so they don't have that cash... Indar asks if he can dice for it (2 dice vs. 1), since he gets that permanent +1 edge (so this makes it a straight 2 dice vs. 2 dice roll, total score wins). He puts up the entire cash of the team and rolls. It's a tie at 17 all. They roll again and he wins (21 vs. 12). They have the amulet... now to decide what to do with it.

Indar kind of likes the idea of ruling over goblins... and taking out his competition for the job. Alari is not in favor of this deception, but is convinced that having this amulet in the possession of the 'good guys' is better than having it in the possession of an evil humanoid who could use it to raid nearby lands. She ultimately has to concede to his point.

I decide that this counts as a level 2 encounter, so each earns an additional 5 xp (so 10 for Gal). This puts Gal at 10 total, and each of the others at 19. 

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