Monday, May 27, 2024

Splay - a 200 word RPG

I just discovered 200-word RPGs, and had to try one. Here's my kitchen-sink game, Splay (exactly 200 words). GURPS needed 200 books, but I only need 200 words. So THERE.

I like this a lot, because the game automatically scales to all power levels. If your game is cosmic superheroes doing cosmic-superhero things, then the challenges are relative to you. If you are military insects, then you're facing the kinds of challenges military insects would face. 

I presume you will be facing comparable challenges and traveling among comparable allies. There is an internal balance that comes from the scenarios, and nothing needs to be balanced against a larger background. The game doesn't have to balance Superman with Robin, because they just aren't in the same league at all. There's no point in trying.

If you are a wizard who wants to cast a spell to open a locked door, this is probably moderate. If you are trying to disintegrate a bridge, this is probably difficult (unless you are an apprentice, then you cannot try yet). I would think that players and GMs will quickly agree on what is the relative power of the setting and their characters, and make decisions from there.

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