Saturday, May 4, 2024

Fanatic Four: Report 2

Continuing their exploration of the Halls of Moridis, the fellowship was met at the entrance (after healing) by a goblin servant who spoke only one phrase in the trade tongue, "Xixal seeks parlay". They were escorted before Xixal (area 19) who they negotiated with (via Galazan). They learned of the temple (21), and of the ghoul snake Bitu (area 24). They agreed to destroy the snake and recover its treasures while Xixal took his goblins (and his loot) on a pilgrimage to the temple. The heroes made short work of the ghoul snake, getting several 12s. They also got very lucky in their checks to find its treasures, and recovered everything from its pool. They returned to Xixal, who was glad at their success, and asked them to travel to the Bazaar (area 8) on his behalf, and try to barter for the amulet of goblin leadership that he covets. They were 'allowed' to use the treasure they had recovered from Bitu's pool to negotiate. 

They set off and made it to area 12, where they were set upon by 7 shadelings. This should have been short work; it was not. The shadelings nearly killed both Alari and Firik, but thanks to Galazan's consistent damage from his cantrip, they were able to prevail. They had to retreat to area 16 to rest and recover before continuing onward, especially since Alari rolled a natural 1 when trying to heal herself, and has therefore lost magic access for the day. 

They have thus far (in total) earned:

28 xp (so 7 xp each)
20 gp
23 sp
144 cp
A suit of enchanted studded leather armor
A cloak of befouling

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