Friday, May 3, 2024

Fanatic Four: Report One

As I play, I am updating a few documents...

The Hack'D & Slash'D Companion is getting more game materials. I've added quite a bit since the last update. I used the Singing Spiders from this for area 16.

Moridis' Halls is a work in progress; some of the information in this document already needs revision, but I'm adding keyed areas as I explore them. In this session, I moved through areas 16, 18, and 21 (in that order). 


The heroes entered at 16, but realized the illusion of the spiders. After a brief battle, the heroes easily dispatched the spiders and recovered a little bit of gold from their lair.

They explored area 18, and Galazan was able to identify the magical cloak. He took it in case he wants to cause flowers to wilt or some good cakes to mold over. He's vindicative that way.

Moving into area 21, the poop hit the fan. They failed to sneak up on the zombies (there were six of them, so it's a tough enounter for a level 1 group as is). The zombies pretty quickly dropped Firik to -3 hits, and Alari failed her healing spell. Indar and Galazan were holding their own, but were overwhelmed. Galazan used his alchemist's oil, and luckily hit the four that remained at that point in the battle. The heroes fled (Alari made her might check to pick up Firik so they could run), and they made it back to the exit (south of 16) with burning zombies in pursuit. The zombies finished burning to a crisp in the entry as the heroes recovered outside. 

They have earned: 

16 xp (4 xp each)
14 gp
A cloak of befouling


  1. Hi Mike, is the print version of Hack'D & Slash'D still available, I'm sure I saw it on LULU a while back ?

    1. Well... it wasn't. Hmm. It looks like Hulu kicked it back and changed the font. Okay. I have updated it and re-listed it. It should be up now.

  2. Came up with a few Daggerford henchman/rival adventurers