Saturday, May 11, 2024

To Key Or Not To Key...

I've gone through the map of Moridis Halls and just added some 'greebling' as LEGO peeps would say - little details and noodling that make the whole thing look a little more lived-in. I also added a few doors and curtains and stairs for variety. In the process, I went back a step and worked with the version that had no key, and then I was going to layer the keyed level back over it... but...

I'm thinking of only keying the areas that I'm going to actually have an entry for. This would mean that only 30 or 40 areas would have a number, and the rest would be left blank, for GMs to fill in. I like this because it clearly shows the areas that you'd have to look up. The drawback to me is that, over time, it would be hard to keep track of what happened in what area. "You fought the skeletons in the room 3 rooms up and one over from area 17" is harder to keep track of on the GM side. However, keying only the areas I'll be 'officially' filling makes for a cleaner overall presentation and simpler use at first, so that's what I'm going for. 



  1. Interesting look at a detail of your design! Have you considered numbering them all but differentiating between those with and without descriptions (underline, bold, whatever...)?

    1. Ohhh. That's an idea. I like that a lot. My question is do I every 'finish' this thing, or do I leave it as a living document forever? That's a great idea, though. Thanks!