Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Last Post For the Night...

This is really the last post.

I've become a fan of the idea that the fundamental game mechanics create meaningful choices, and that a simple mechanic can provide variety. Here's a great example of this. I don't think my brain had shifted to this level of ubiquity when I was writing Stalwart Age...


Every round (6 seconds), you may attempt a number of actions equal to your SV. However, each action imposes a cumulative -1 die shift to all other rolls that round; attempting three actions imposes a -2 die shift to every roll that round. My character could run his movement of 100’ (1 action), pick up a found weapon (at -2 shift to the might die) and attack (at -2 shift to the attack die). You can also just distribute your attacks. With D12 attack and D10 damage, I can attack once at D12 (D10 damage), twice at D10 (D8 damage), three times at D8 (D6 damage), or four times at D6 (D4 damage). Tasks that do not rely on a dice check (flying), are not affected. I must decide how I am distributing my dice at the beginning of the round. While it might make sense to distribute attacks against a group of bank robbers, it is probably wiser to minimize your attacks against the heavily armored foe who leads them to increase your chances of hitting and dealing damage.

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