Sunday, May 5, 2024

Hack'D & Slash'D FAQ

Q: How does poison damage work? What does a resist indicate?

A: A character can only suffer 1 poison effect per round. A successful might check ends that poison effect entirely; you get a new might check every round. So, a poison that deals 3 damage per round for 3 rounds allows a resist in round 1, round 2, and round 3. If the check is made in round 2, no check is made in round 3 (since the poison has ended). Once the check is made in round 2, that character is able to be poisoned again.

Q: How hard are secret doors to find?

A: Secret doors should require a mind (sense) check at -1 edge to find. Concealed doors should require a standard mind (sense) check.

Q: Can you taunt foes to get them to pay attention to you?

A: I resolve this as a free action, requiring a mind check. As you are attacking, you yell at a monster to get its attention. If successful, you draw its focus. If not, I roll randomly to see who the monster goes after. You can try again every round to draw its attention from others. 

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  1. How much damage does an unarmed attack do ? I ask as my group were brainstorming characters and one wishes to play what is basically an unarmed martial artist. We settled on Might +2. He also wanted a final trait for expertise in a defensive style that was akin to having a shield (in addition to active defence). We agreed he couldn't use it in the same round as attacking.