Saturday, May 4, 2024

Fanatic Four: Report 3

I warned you I was going to do a bit of gaming this weekend... my four characters have continued to explore, defeating the three ghouls in areas 17 A, B and C. They then crawled through the tunnels (making short work of the three rats) and into area 14. They attempted to drive back the ant swarm, which summoned the myrmidon ant and then the gnome shadow-touched ghoul. They managed to defeat all three with relative quickness. They could not figure out how to get through the narrow tunnel in the wall, so moved on to the south. Firik caused the mold of maddening to emit spores, which put him into a battle frenzy. Alari was able to draw his attention (and defend herself with her shield), while after a few tries Galazan was able to use a sleep spell on him. They burned the mold, explored area 12 (freaked out by the sounds from below) and then prepared to enter the Bazaar... which is where I'll pick up next time. 

They have thus far (in total) earned:

55 xp (so almost 14 xp each)
60 gp
23 sp
144 cp
A suit of enchanted studded leather armor
A cloak of befouling
A level 2 deeping spell scroll (from a silvered chest)
And they found a few days' worth of good food in a silvered chest

They are only 14% of the way to level 2, which feels like pretty slow progression. They haven't fought that much stuff yet, and they should start picking up the pace soon enough. They have a good amount of gold to upgrade their weapons and gear a little bit, so that will help, too.

I'm pretty sure that each is going to roll the dice of fate, and that might change the game dramatically. We'll see...

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