Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#12: The Winter Dragon

It’s time to make a dragon… if the game can make convincing dragons, it can make anything! Here we go…

Coldsnap, the Winter Dragon (147 CPs)
Fighting +8; Might +8 (Strike; Bonus Attack); Stamina +8 (Invulnerability)
Focus +8; Frost Breath +9 (Living Conduit; Root)
Flight +6; Speed +3; Intuition +7

- He can choose to attack with a claw and bite, distributing fighting +9 between these attacks, dealing +16 damage with either.
- He can breathe cold, dealing +18 damage; he can use this breath weapon once per scene to root targets, rolling +9 vs. the target’s might.
- His invulnerability allows him to soak +8 from both physical (linked to stamina) and magical (linked to focus) attacks.

I like how you can ‘customize’ breath weapons a little bit… in this case, the winter dragon uses his frost breath to root targets. Fire breath could set targets on fire, causing damage over time… lightning breath could stun targets… that sort of thing. As an application, it’s only usable once per scene. However, since the dragon is built on 147 CPs, the heroes are going to likely be mooks to it (as long as they are built on 73 CPs or fewer), so it will be able to target many of them at once; when Coldsnap breathes and fills the entire chamber with frost, and all of the heroes have to roll or be stuck in place, there’s going to be trouble… his flight and speed allow him to close quickly for melee with all foes, so he’ll move from foe to foe, picking apart one at a time until he kills them all.

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