Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#4: Malignant Jelly

Malignant Jelly (26 CPs)
Fighting +3; Elasticity +4; Invulnerability +2; Might +2 (strike); Stamina +2; Stealth +3; Stun +3
The malignant jelly uses its gelatinous form to stretch and compress itself, hiding along walls and floors to attack prey. On a successful fighting attack, the malignant jelly will attempt to stun targets, rolling stun vs. the target’s focus, forcing the target to lose 1 turn per success on the action.

Elasticity (Ability)
You may strike a target in hand-to-hand combat up to your elasticity rating units distant; with elasticity +4, you can land a punch against a target up to 4 units away.
You have a pool of points equal to your elasticity to add to invulnerability soak rolls each scene.
You may use 1 turn to use elasticity to perform a feat such as forcing your way through a narrow opening or turning yourself into a parachute, rolling against the situational DR. To create a balloon that will carry two allies (weighing a total of 400 lbs) to safety is DR 11 (500 lbs. – the nearest weight on the chart - is +4). Slipping under a narrow door frame might be DR 14 (a superior use of your ability), while squeezing through the head of a pin might be DR 19 (a supreme application of your power).

Stun (Ability or Application)
Stun allows you to force the target to lose turns. Roll the rating of stun vs. the target’s focus. The target loses a number of turns equal to your successes on the roll; if you roll 17 and the target rolls 14 (a difference of +3), you stun the target for 1 turn; if you roll 21 and the target rolls 4 (a difference of +17), you stun the target for 4 turns.

Note: successes are scored at 0, 5, 10, 15, etc.

Yeah… this means that successes are back, albeit in a much simpler form. Many abilities (especially superhero abilities as I’ve conceived them thus far) need successes to be viable. Since I’ve defined hitting the target difficult rating (at +0) as being successful, it seems reasonable that you could generate an extra success at easy-to-remember thresholds. Every 5 points seems pretty reasonable. If you have +10 more in your ability than the defender’s ability, and you roll +10 more than the target rolls, that’s +20 on this particular action … 5 successes seems very reasonable in that circumstance. You stun for 5 turns, you force the target to take a -5 penalty, etc.

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