Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#18: More Jellies? Really?

I suppose I have a soft spot for Jellies. They are sort of the B-Movie monsters of fantasy gaming; amorphous blobs that want to do nothing more than cover over you and suck the marrow from your bones. Yummy.

I didn’t plan on doing another jelly in this month of monsters (isn’t one jelly enough for anyone?), but thinking about a Lich’s lair led me to think about zombies… and that led to brains… and that led to spinal fluid and mushy brain goo… and that led back to jellies.

What if the ghouls (from yesterday) no longer had brains? The brains were removed when they became ghouls. That’s pretty sick nasty, and somewhat unsettling… you get these brainless (literally) monsters that follow you around; in this case, the kill shot HAS to be to the heart. What happens to the brains? They get mushed together into a huge creature that soaks the brain juices into its hybrid form, going around devouring organic matter to feed its bottomless hunger… and searching for brains to rip from living creatures to assimilate.

Zombie Jelly (60 CPs)

Fighting +3; Elasticity +3; Might +3 (Strike); Stamina +4 (Invulnerability); Focus +6; Mind Strike +7 (Living Conduit; Control); Intuition +4
The zombie jelly uses its gelatinous form to stretch and compress itself (elasticity).
It attacks with a tendril at +3, dealing +6 damage.
Its most feared abilities are its mental ones… it can cast a mind strike once per turn, attacking at +6 (focus) and dealing +14 damage. It will attempt to control a living target, getting that target to join its side and turn on allies to kill them- and feed their brains to the jelly (of course). A creature killed by the mind strikes of the zombie jelly actually have their brains turn to mush… and then the jelly goes in through the dead target’s ear and gathers the grey matter. The target then rises as a wailing ghoul.


Mind Strike is a unique ability that targets resist with focus, but which they use resolve to soak. Mind strike bypassing typical warding (cloaks), but instead is soaked by resolve. Since the primary users of mind attacks are the Messari (and I can see the Messari being behind the creation of Zombie Jellies as they experimented on ways to distill human brains into fear generators- that’s all they really need, not the rest of the shell of the humans).

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