Sunday, January 16, 2011

#16: Earth Elemental

I’m working out the concept for a capped out earth wizard, so I figured I’d use my monster a day as an excuse to stat up his summoned friend, an earth elemental…

Earth Elemental (50 CPs)
Fighting +5 (Bonus Attack); Might +6 (Leap; Strike; Stun); Stamina +5 (Invulnerability); Focus +3; Intuition +3; Non-living
The earth elemental attacks with two fists, distributing +6 fighting between these attacks; each successful fist strike deals +12 damage.
In lieu of dealing damage, the earth elemental may attempt to stun once per scene, rolling might vs. the target’s stamina; the target is stunned for a number of turns equal to successes; if the earth elemental rolls 15 and the target rolls 9, the target is stunned for 2 turns.
The Earth Elemental soaks +5 from all physical damage and +3 from all magical damage.

- Leap allows you to use 1 turn to travel the linked ability rating. Leap typically links to might, precision or stamina.
- Non-Living is a 2 CP adaptation; as a non-living creature, you are immune to diseases, poisons, stuns, mesmerizing and other abilities that affect living creatures.

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