Thursday, January 13, 2011

#13: Basic Beasts

I know that my last post discussed the idea that basic beasts may not have a place in my game, but I think it’s helpful to have these things ready in case you need them. I didn’t feel right about devoting an entire entry to any one of these, so I put a bunch of them together. Here are some simple foes to drop in quickly; they’re each built on 5 CPs.

FYI, it seems reasonable that creatures could elect to purchase ‘bite’ or ‘claw’ instead of might + strike; a jackal or rat has no particular might, but its bite is still somewhat fearsome. It’s only investing a few points here, so it’s no great shakes either way.

Scrublands Jackal (5 CPs)
Fighting +2; Bite +1; Speed +1; Intuition +1

Sewer Rat (5 CPs)
Fighting +1; Bite +1; Stamina +1; Disease +2
Those suffering damage from the bite of a sewer rat must roll stamina (DR 9) or take a -1 shift to stamina for D6 days.

Skull Watcher (5 CPs)
Fighting +1; Stamina +2 (Invulnerability)
Wields a dagger +1 (deals +1 damage); soaks +2 from all physical attacks

Tunnel Spider (5 CPs)
Fighting +1; Bite +1; Stealth +1; Poison +1; Speed +1
Targets suffering damage from the bite of a tunnel spider must roll stamina (DR 8) or suffer poison damage.

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