Friday, January 14, 2011

#14: Merman

In creating stats for a merman, I’m also effectively putting together stats for my own version of Aqualad (somewhat inspired by the Young Justice cartoon- although not that particular version of Aqualad). Basically, this is an especially cool Merman, almost as cool as classic Aqualad… how’s that?

Merman Champion (50 CPs)
Fighting +6; Might +4; Stamina +4 (Water Breathing); Swim +4
Focus +3; Intuition +6 (Charm Aquatic Creatures;
Wields a trident +5, dealing +9 damage with it

About movement…

- All creatures may travel up to 3 units + their speed rating in one turn. Each unit you travel imposes a penalty for any travel beyond your speed rating; each unit beyond imposes a -1 penalty to the simultaneous action roll. For instance, with speed +3, you can travel up to 6 units in one turn; travel up to 3 units allows you to also attack with no penalty; if you travel 4 units, you take a -1 penalty; at 5 units, you take a -2 penalty; at 6 units, you take a -3 penalty. You cannot travel more than 6 units on any one turn.
- Swim and burrow work the same as speed; however, swim has a default travel rate of 1 unit per turn, and burrow has a default travel rating of 0; you cannot travel through earth without burrowing!

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