Monday, January 31, 2011

#31: Chimera Elder

For my final monster in the series, I thought I should go for a big gun… I liked how the hydra turned out a few weeks ago, so thought I’d have another go round with a many-headed monster, this time one that has even more attack options: the chimera. I see these as exceptionally powerful creatures; in D+D, they become sort of glorified treasure guardians. I see them more as evil Aslan creatures; noble creatures of great power that have been tainted by exceptionally powerful evil.

Chimera Elder (150 CPs)
Evade +3; Fighting +10 (bonus attack x2); Might +8 (Strike; Stun); Focus +10; Breath Weapon +8 (Living Conduit); Stamina +7 (Invulnerability); Flight +4; Intuition +6
The Chimera has three heads, attacking with all three on each turn it takes; its dragon head breathes fire each turn, attacking at +10 and dealing +16 damage; it distributes its fighting +12 between its lion head attack and ram gore attack (each dealing +16 damage). It can use one of its ram attacks each scene to stun targets with its horns.

Its natural armor soaks +7 damage from physical attacks and +10 damage from magical energy attacks.

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