Friday, January 21, 2011

#21: Manticore Bombardier

I’ve built a few melee fighters here (okay, probably more than a few), and it seemed like time to build a missile creature or two. I’ve traditionally seen manticores as melee creatures that have the tail spike volley as a bonus thing; from a design perspective, it’s probably better to look at them as ranged attackers that are less powerful if you can close for melee combat. Here’s a build:

Manticore Bombardier (50 CPs)
Fighting +7; Might +2; Precision +6 (Strike); Stamina +4; Focus +2; Invulnerability; Flight +3; Intuition +3
- Manticore Bombardiers throw tail spikes (range 6), attacking at +7 and dealing +12 damage. Their hides soak +4 physical damage and +2 energy damage. If forced into melee, they bite, attacking at +7 and dealing +4 damage.

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