Saturday, January 29, 2011

#29: Frost Giant Inquisitor

The idea here is to build a huge, powerful giant that deals as much damage as possible. It has to have great might, fighting, and a new ability: two-handed.

Frost Giant Inquisitor (100 CPs)
Fighting +10 (Two-handed); Might +12; Stamina +6 (Armor Use); Focus +4 (Warding); Intuition +3; Frost Immunity
Wields a massive two-handed sword; attacks at +10 and deals +24 damage. Its armor soaks +7 physical damage, and its cloak soaks +5 magical energy damage.

- Two handed (application of fighting). You wield a two-handed weapon in combat. You cannot use either a shield or a second weapon when you fight two-handed. When you strike two-handed, you shift your might +1 for damage. (This is different than the way that I worked up a draft of two-handed a few weeks ago; that option is a bit too complicated for a relatively simple thing you can do. The +1 to damage is sufficient to make it useful, but even remotely unbalancing. I’m tempted to make it +2 or even +3, but we’ll stick with +1 for now and play with it).
- Beasts should be able to purchase immunity to a specific attack form at a relatively low cost. A frost giant should just be immune to frost; don’t even bother throwing a bolt of cold at him. Immunity does not carry over to other effects; you can still use your frost magic to root him in place or even to stun him, but you cannot use it to deal wounds to him.

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