Monday, January 24, 2011

#24: The Stone Colossus

Here’s a monster based on the newest version of the abilities…

A magical guardian created to stand watch over the most valuable treasures, the 15’ tall stone colossus wades into battle hammering foes with its massive fist.

Stone Colossus (100 CPs)
Fighting +10 (Strike); Might +10 (Diminish Might); Invulnerability +10; Intuition +3; Non-Living
Attacks at +10 and deals +20 damage with its fist; soaks +10 damage from all damage.

- Diminish might allows it to roll an action at +10 vs. the target’s stamina. The target loses the difference in CPs. If the Colossus rolls 17 on the action and the target rolls 12 on stamina to resist, the target loses 5 CPs from his might (minimum might of -1) for the rest of the scene.
- Non-Living is an ability that makes you immune to poisons, toxins, disease, mind-based attacks, stuns, confusion, mesmerizing, sleep and similar effects.

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