Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#19: The Lich

I see the lich as one of the big bads… probably due to the character grinder that was the Tomb of Horrors. To my mind, a lich has to do a few things to make it tough…

Use magic effectively, dealing considerable damage.
Be clever enough to challenge the heroes (and the players).
Be versatile enough to handle the pesky heroes infiltrating its lair.

To these ends, I’m giving it a few spell powers (including a shadow bolt that deals considerable damage, hex and stun) and resolve (which most monsters don’t get). I see it using its considerable lore to increase other actions (for instance).

Lich Overseer (110 CPs)
Fighting +4; Might +4 (Strike); Stamina +6 (Invulnerability); Focus +8; Shadow Bolt +8 (Hex; Living Conduit; Stun; Summon); Intuition +5; Lore +7; Resolve +5

- Hex (Ability or Application) Use 1 turn to roll casting vs. focus to force the target to take a penalty to all actions. Each success penalizes actions -1 for the remainder of the scene; this does not affect result rolls (such as damage rolls), only actions.

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