Thursday, January 6, 2011

#6: Spitting Tomb Creeper Spider

Concept: I spent six whole days before I broke down and created a spider- pretty good by my standards. These are pretty much basic big spiders that inhabit ruins and dungeons, but I thought I’d mix them up a bit. Instead of weaving webs, they spit mounds of webbing that they shape into their dens and burrows. They can use this ability once per scene in combat to bind targets, so I get to stat up rules for binding attacks.

Spitting Tomb Creeper Spider (20 CPs)
Fighting +5 (Binding Attack); Might +2 (Strike); Speed +2; Stamina +1; Wall Crawling

Binding Attack (Ability or Application)

You bind the target in place, confining the target to remain in one unit for the remainder of the scene, or until a successful might roll frees him. Roll your action against the target’s might to bind. All creatures taking an action against a bound target take a bonus to action rolls equal to the number of successes rolled on the action. The target may continue to attempt to free itself from these binds, but must spend 1 turn per attempt, rolling might against the DR (the original action roll you made to bind the target). With fighting +5 (binding attack as an application), you may, once per scene, attempt to bind a target up to 5 units away. You roll 2D+5 vs. the target’s might resist roll. You roll 14 and the target rolls 9. You succeed, getting 2 successes; all actions made against that target are at +2 as long as the target remains bound. On each of its turns, the target may attempt to break free of these binds, rolling might DR 14. Success means that the target breaks free and suffers no further penalty; failure means that the target continues to be bound, continuing to give foes +2 to action rolls.

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