Monday, January 3, 2011

Monster #3: Shades

I want to work out the kinks of the phasing ability, so spirits and ghosts are a good place to do it… keeping with our low-level monsters, we’ll start with the Shade of Sorrows.

Concept: the lingering spirit of a fallen mortal who suffered an especially gruesome death, shades seek to revisit their final moments of torment upon other living creatures. The only way to truly destroy a shade is to completely burn its remains, which must first be located… a shade that is dispelled (reduced to negative wounds) will re-form within 2D hours.

Shade of Sorrows (28 CPs)
Fighting +3; Focus +3; Intuition +1; Invulnerability +2; Phasing +6; Precision +2 (Strike); Stamina +1

Phasing (Ability or Application)
Phasing allows you to become partially immaterial, able to move through solid objects and bypass protection that normally would impede you. You must spend 1 turn to activate phasing.
• As an ability, once you activate it, phasing gives you several pools:
- You have a pool of points equal to your phasing rating to add to invulnerability soak rolls each scene.
- You have a pool of points equal to your phasing rating to add to unarmed damage rolls (via strike) each scene.
- Additionally, phasing allows you to pass through solid objects. You roll your phasing vs. the DR of the object. For example, a wooden door has a +3 rating (DR 10), while a double-reinforced titanium door has a rating of +10 (DR 17). You may phase through objects as often as you’d like, although each such use of phasing requires a turn to attempt (if you are going to walk through a 30’ thick slab of stone, you must spend 1 turn activating phasing, and another turn actually traveling through the stone).
• As an application, you get to use phasing once per scene, activating it to any one of its functions (to move through a wall, take a pool of invulnerability points; take a pool of unarmed damage points).

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