Saturday, January 22, 2011

#22: Spirit Troll

Another classic D+D monster that was always a favorite was the Ogre Mage. However, I’ve always had trouble transferring this creature- a capable melee fighter that has a wide range of magical powers- into other systems I’ve written. I think that Resolute can handle him… here are some thoughts about my version, the spirit troll:

Spirit trolls were the ambassadors of the Barrens. They were sent on missions requiring diplomacy and subtlety. They had to be able to infiltrate enemy organizations, talking their way out of problems as often as they fought their way out. After the Reckoning, spirit trolls have become either advisors to powerful evil forces or elite assassins for hire.

Spirit Troll (80 CPs)
Fighting +6 (Two Weapons); Precision +5 (Finesse); Stamina +4 (Armor); Focus +5 (Warding); Intuition +8 (Lightning Blast; Living Conduit; Illusory Form; Stealth; Teleport); Regeneration +4
The Spirit Troll wields a pair of katanas +6, distributing fighting +7 between them, dealing +11 damage with each successful strike. The troll wears ceremonial armor granting +5 to physical soaks; it wears a cloak that allows it to soak +6 energy damage.
The Spirit Troll recovers 4 wounds every round.

The Spirit Troll links its magical powers to its intuition +8:
- Blasts (application only) are single-use attack spells that allow the caster to double the action rating for the attack. The Spirit Troll attacks with its blast at +10 (double its focus), dealing +16 damage with it.
- Illusory Form allows the caster to attempt to trick others into believing it is the creature mimicked (rolling an action vs. the target’s intuition). The caster retains all of its normal abilities.
- Stealth is actually invisibility for the Spirit Troll.
- Teleport allows the creature to use 1 turn to travel a number of units equal to its rating; the Spirit Troll can travel up to 8 units in one turn, bypassing all obstacles along the path between the starting and ending point.

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