Friday, January 7, 2011

#7: Medusa Handmaiden

Concept: I have this idea for the lair of a medusa; all of the creatures within (now statues) are in various states of activity; a pitched battle is taking place between two adventuring parties, a huge lizard is preparing to chomp down on a humanoid. By killing the medusa, you bring all of these things back to life from their slumber. The only thing is, you have no idea who would be friendly, and who is going to decide to turn on you. The heroes could conceivably go around and destroy all of the statues before killing the medusa, but then they will surely miss out on some valuable allies or unique experiences…

Since this is the encounter I want, I have to build the rules for petrification around that. I’ll start with those, then stat up the medusa.

Petrification (Ability or Application)

Roll your rating vs. the target’s focus. Success means that the target turns to stone. As an application, petrification ends either at the end of the scene or when you lose consciousness (whichever comes first). As an ability, petrification only ends when you die.

Medusa Handmaiden (50 CPs)

Fighting +4; Might +2; Petrification +5; Poison +5; Precision +3 (Finesse); Stamina +4
Focus +3; Intuition +4 (Stealth)

The medusa handmaiden will use a short bow +4 in combat (dealing +7 damage with it). She uses her serpentine hair to poison the arrows. If forced into melee combat, she will switch to a scimitar +4, dealing +6 damage with this, also coating it with her poison.

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