Friday, January 28, 2011

#27-28: Double Trouble

I didn’t get to blog yesterday (an 11-hour workday and borderline exhaustion will do that to you…) so I figured I should drop a double dose of dangerous damsels on you (as well as a happy helping of alliteration. You are SO welcome). Here are two daemonic creatures to confound your heroes…

Lamia Noble (80 CPs)
Fighting +7 (Two Weapons); Might +6; Stamina +5; Focus +5; Invulnerability; Intuition +6 (Illusory Form; Stealth); Speed +2
One of: constriction +6 (snake); poison +6 (scorpion); or root +6 (spider)

A creature with the torso of a woman but the lower body of a monstrous creature (typically a snake, but sometimes a scorpion or spider), the lamia attacks with two powerful scimitars +8, distributing fighting +8 between 2 attacks, dealing +14 damage with each.

Constriction allows the Lamia to attack at +6 vs. the target’s might. If successful the Lamia winds around the target, automatically inflicting 6 wounds (no soak allowed) at the end of every round. Targets may use a turn to attempt to break out of constriction (rolling might vs. the Lamia’s constriction) in lieu of attacking.

Illusory Form allows the caster to appear in another form (always as a beautiful woman for the Lamia and Succubus), rolling vs. the target’s intuition. Once the caster attacks, the illusory form automatically ends.

Succubus Handmaiden (50 CPs)
Fighting +4; Might +3; Stamina +4; Focus +4; Invulnerability; Intuition +5 (Illusory Form; Stealth); Flight +3; Charm +7 (9 CPs + Limitation of touch only grants +2 shift)

Manipulative, alluring creatures of the underworld, Succubus Handmaidens seek to tempt mortals to lose their souls.

The Succubus Handmaiden carries a longtooth dagger +5; she attacks at +4 and deals +8 damage with this weapon. The Succubus Handmaiden must kiss her target to attempt to charm; she will only use this ability on male targets.

I’m considering allowing you to tailor abilities with limitations. The limitation grants a +1 shift to the ability. For example, taking a ranged ability (like a spell) as ‘touch only’ grants you a +1 shift to the rating. I’m not sure if this is enough of a bonus, and I’m considering +2. You don’t have to land a fighting attack to hit with a touch; you just have to be in the same unit. You’d still cast the same way…

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