Sunday, January 30, 2011

#30: Wererat Scrounger

One thing I solved for the last edition of Resolute that I especially like is the way that lycanthropy works. When you are afflicted with lycanthropy, you have no control over your transformations. Only after you purchase shape change at a rating sufficient to allow you to change into your wereform can you control your transformations. If you are bitten by a 30 CP lycanthrope, you need to save up enough CPs to get shape change +6 or better to control your changes.

While werewolves are the most iconic of the lycanthropes, I’ve had a soft spot for wererats for a long time. There’s just something about those nasty little buggers that I like. Here’s a relatively tough wererat to challenge your heroes with…

Wererat Scrounger (40 CPs)
Evade +5; Fighting +5; Might +2 (Strike); Stamina +4 (Inflict Lycanthropy); Intuition +4 (Stealth); Focus +2
The wererat scrounger attacks either with a short sword +6 (attacking at +5 and dealing +8 damage) or with a bite attack (attacking at +5 and dealing +4 damage). Once per scene, the bite attack can force a living target to roll stamina (DR 11, as this ability is linked to stamina +4) or suffer the curse of lycanthropy, turning into a wererat scrounger on the next full moon.

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