Sunday, January 9, 2011

#9: Infernal Gargoyles

My gargoyles have always been sort of boring; they end up being stony versions of flying monkeys. Gargoyles should probably be somewhat more B.A. than that… my current vision of them is part Hellboy, part the Demon, but burning with blue infernal flame, and relishing in inflicting pain. They should have unique powers that make them more dangerous… I’m also tinkering with revising the rules (again) for armor/invulnerability/warding… so I’ll play with them here…

Gargoyle of Infernal Flames (60 CPs)
Fighting +5; Might +5 (Strike; Two Weapons); Stamina +6 (Shadow Bolt; Pain; Energize Weapon)
Flight +4; Focus +4; Intuition +3 (Stealth); Invulnerability

The Gargoyle of Infernal Flames leaps into battle with two claw strikes; it has fighting +6 to distribute between these two strikes, dealing +10 damage with each. The gargoyle has its infernal magic linked to its stamina, allowing it to energize its claws to deal additional shadow damage (increasing the damage rating rating from +10 to +11, due to the [3 CP] bonus from energize weapon each claw receives. The gargoyle rolls +6 to soak physical damage, and +4 to soak magical damage, from its invulnerability.

Pain (Application Only)
Roll your action vs. the target’s focus. The target suffers wracking pains, taking a -1 penalty per success you roll to all action rolls for the remainder of the scene. If you attack with pain, rolling 17, and the target rolls 8 to resist, you roll 2 successes (scoring 1 success at 8, another at 13). For the rest of the scene (or until you fall unconscious), the target suffers a -2 penalty to all action rolls from tremendous pain.

About Armor/Invulnerability/Warding
I’m back to thinking that these should be applications. One big reason is the functionality of stamina. Right now, it’s not a particularly important ability. It gets used for a handful of resists, but is not an ability that many players can afford to dump a lot of points in. Stamina should have a close connection to how durable you are in a fight; linking it to armor/invulnerability does this. Here’s the shorthand:
- Armor allows you to wear armor rated at your stamina +1.
- Warding allows you to wear cloaks of warding rated at your focus +1
- Invulnerability gives you your stamina rating vs. physical attacks and your focus rating vs. energy/elemental attacks.

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