Monday, January 17, 2011

#17: Wailing Ghouls

In working from the bottom up to develop a lich’s lair, I’m starting with his foot soldiers: ghouls. I want the ghouls to be aggressive buggers that are hard to kill and that just keep on coming. To this end, they have two abilities: a howl that confuses opponents, and a requirement (as undead) that opponents have to use an extra turn after dropping them below 0 wounds to deliver a kill shot (cut off the head, rip out the heart, that sort of thing) or else they keep regenerating and get right back up.

Wailing Ghoul (40 CPs)
Fighting +5 (Bonus Attack); Might +2 (Strike); Speed +1 (Burrowing); Stealth +3; Stamina +3; Nonliving; Intuition +3 (Ghoul Wail); Regenerate +3 (Deathblow Required)
Ghouls attack with two claws, distributing fighting +6 between these two claws each turn; each successful claw deals +4 damage.

- Ghoul Wail is done as a free turn with other actions. All living targets within 4 units must roll Focus to resist the action of the ghouls (DR 7 + the number of ghouls wailing). Targets take a penalty of -1 to all actions per success the ghouls take on the roll. For instance, 10 ghouls have a DR 17 wail. A target that rolls 18 or better resists the effect (since ties go to the attacker, a 17 means that the target suffers a penalty). A target that rolls 13-17 takes a -1 penalty; a target rolling 7-12 takes a -2 penalty; a target rolling 6 or less takes a -3 penalty. This penalty is to all action rolls (including attacks and damage rolls), but not to defensive or resistant rolls.
- Deathblow Required means that ghoul regeneration continues into negative wounds, and the attacker must declare that a deathblow is being delivered, requiring 1 turn after the ghoul has been reduced to negative wounds.

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