Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#5: Ogre Berzerker

Concept: He's a big, mean ogre who also goes all Hulk mode when he gets into combat. His basic abilities will be very simple, but he gets a new ability: Rage.

Ogre Berzerker (30 CPs)
Fighting +4; Might +6; Rage +4; Stamina +4
Wields a spiked club +7 (dealing +13 damage)

Rage (Ranked Ability)
Rage stacks with your fighting, giving you a diminishing bonus on fighting action rolls each round after it’s activated. You must spend 1 turn to activate rage. With fighting +5 and rage +4, you activate rage in round 1. In round 2, you attack with fighting +9 (but still defend with fighting +5… defensive rolls are unaffected by rage). In round 3, you attack with fighting +8; in round 4, you attack with fighting +7; in round 5, you attack with fighting +6. Starting in round 6, and for the rest of the scene, you are back to your fighting +5. This wouldn’t affect your defensive rolls; sure, you are attacking at +9 at your peak, but rage isn’t going to make you better at getting out of the way… you still roll +5 to evade enemy strikes.

Effectively, rage is the polar opposite of battle acumen. With rage, you start good and then peter out as the fight continues because you’ve burned your berzerker mode.

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